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Nvidia Shield - Android Tv - Kodi Unlimited - Mame Game Syste


NVIDIA SHIELD - The Best Android TV Box


Transform your TV experience with 4K streaming, advanced gaming, and Android TV—only on the NVIDIA® SHIELD Android TV Box. SHIELD also comes with GeForce NOW™, the only game-streaming service that delivers GeForce GTX gaming to your TV, instantly.

This item is out of the box ready to use.  Plug in the power cord, plug in the hdmi cable to your tv, power on.  Be ready to be blown away with the power and excitment of the only KODI unmilted system.  Watch any movie from any generation or theater now.  Watch Movie, shows, series, music, concerts, adult, etc.  Has it all. 

Then when you want some gamming entertainment play 1000+ Classic Arcade Games with Mame4Droid.  Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, etc.  Its awesome.  See Video for system in action.  There are other Nividias out there but none with unlimted TV and 1000+ Games. 

(No Returns) on this product!  The product above is purchased from Nvidia.  N2fun opens the box, sets up Kodi and Mame on the box and then reboxes and provides to the customers.  This is a third party purchase.  If there are issues with this system the manufacturer offers exchanges and or repairs. N2fun will offer support and help with this product.  N2fun does not offer returns on this product becasue after shipping the product to N2fun, then to the customer, the return period exires.  Only purchase this item if your planning on keeping it.  Nvidia also offers great warranty relacements if that is necessary.  Thanks for your business. 

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