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Kodi Tv Box


How much does this Kodi TV System cost?

  • Android Tv Box with Kodi Tv fully Loaded = $250.00
  • No Monthly Fees – Turn off your cable and save tons!
  • Comes with 1000+ Classic Arcade Games - PacMan, Galaga, etc.

What you get when you watch TV with Kodi Fully Loaded:

  • Live TV with guide.
  • Prerecorded TV shows & series - Arrow, Game of Thrones, etc.
  • Theater Movies – New & Past – Star Wars, Tarzan, etc.
  • Music – Live Music shows & concerts, millions of songs, artists, etc.
  • Live Pay-per-view events like Live UFC Fights, WWE, etc.
  • NFL, NBA, NHL tickets, etc.

What you need to have in your home to use this TV system:

  • Internet – Internet Required -   Minimum Speed Required 20mbs..
  • Any TV with HDMI port.  That’s how it hooks to the TV.

See Video of Kodi TV in Action: Click HERE!

Game List on this Kodi TV / Game System. 1k + Games.   Click HERE!

See Pictures of Channels that come with the Kodi TV - You get all the channels for free!

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