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Game FAQ

  • What is the difference between the 12K and the 80K systems?
    The 12k game system has thousands of arcade games. Like Moon Patrol, Pac Man, Street Fighter, etc. It has a 2TB Game drive on it. With plenty of room to add more games. It has 12k arcade games with 3 different game systems on it. Mame, Neo Geo, Daphne. Which is ran via Hyperspin. Hyperspin is a beautiful interface displaying the games. Just click and Play. The 80k game or 8TB system has hardware and game upgrades. It replaces the 2TB game drive with a 8TB game drive. It increases all of the arcade games from the 12k system to add over 200 Video game systems like Atari, Intellivision, Super Nintendo, etc. These additional systems adds thousands of additional games. The game count increases from 12k to 80k games, and increases from 3 game systems to over 200 video game systems. Also added are 2 wireless xbox controllers for true video game play. Play all of the arcade games on your game control panel, and play all of the video game systems with the wireless remotes. You can also add up to 6 more remotes for additional player capability. All of the systems are played through a beautiful Hyperspin / Launchbox layout. Just choose the game and play! So, choose your art and either the 12k or 80k system. Then also choose any accessories you may want before its ships.
  • How to play Hyperspin w/ Xbox remotes?
    1. Turn on Xbox remotes by pressing the big button in the middle of the remote. 2. Open Hyperspin Game on pc by clicking on the red HS icon on the task bar at bottom of screen. 3. Use up and down to scroll and view systems. Stop on system you want to open. 4. Press (Start Button) on remote to select the system you want to play. 5. Press (Start Button) to load game you selected, wait for game to load - up to 30 seconds. 6. Once game is on screen press the (Back Button) on the remote to get credits. 7. Press (Start Button) on remote to start playing the game. 8. To keep playing game after game is over add more credits and press start again. 9. To play 2 or more players repeat on second remote. 10. To Exit game back to game list press and hold for 3 seconds the (Back Button) on remote. That exits game. 11. Either choose another game or press (Back Button) again to go and choose another system to play. 12. To exit back to windows press (Back Button) until exit game menu appears. 13. If you get lost or remote is not responding simply press pc power button to shut down the system and then restart and retry.
  • How to use Favorites Menu in Hyperspin?
    1. Open Hyperspin. 2. Select system to play. 3. Scroll through games and select game you want to add to Favorites. 4. Press (B) Button on remote, or H button on keyboard, to open Fav's Menu. 5. Press Start Button to add game to Fav's menu. 6. To remove game from Fav's Menu click on game and remove it.
  • Mame : How to mute sound on games to jam music while playing!
    1. Open Mame 2. In upper left menu open (Default Game Options) 3. Open Sound Menu 4. Click drop menu to turn sound to (none). 5. Press OK. 6. Repeat steps to turn game sound back on.
  • How to configure Wireless remotes to work with Hyperspin!
    See attached video in the support section.
  • How do I Install the Pixel Marquee
    Here are videos to get you rolling!
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