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Game Differences

This page goes over the types of games offered by N2fun and the differences between them (e.g. Arcade 12k vs. 80k systems).


Multicade or Arcade games with multiple games are games that have a fixed number of games.  Anywhere from 60 to 3500 games.  They can't be modified or upgraded unless parts are changed. These games usually only play a verticle or horizontal type game.  

PC Arcade w/ 12k Games

This machine is a PC based entertainment system. Meaning this game runs on a computer built and setup by N2fun.  This is a very comprehensive game that has multiple types of entertainment options standard and optional.  It has the history of Arcade Games on 1 Machine.  12k + Games ready to play on it. Comes with a 2TB game drive.  It's a 32" Smart HD TV with Alexa/Speech enabled. Its a Jukebox, Its a karaoke Machine, Its a arcade machine all in one. It comes Wi-Fi ready and also has a wireless entertainment keyboard to control the audio and video when your away from the machine. Its very easy to use and play. Select game and just play. Every game imaginable is on this machine. From the very first Pong, to Pac Man, Galaga, and great fighter games like Street Fighter. If you love Golden Tee it's there as well.  Tee up and swing away.  Also you can use this game as full blow PC for home or work use! This Game is great for all ages. Great for couples and awesome competition between friends.

PC Arcade w/ 80k games or more!

This machine has all of the 12k games and upgrades massively with hardware and game count.

This machine jumps up to a 8-16TB Game drive with over 80k games. It add over 200 video game systems like PS, Super Nintendo, etc, on top of the massive arcade game titles. It has double the RAM from 16-32gb.  It has a more powerful graphics engine, and uses the M.2 Windows hard drive.  It also adds 2 wireless Xbox remotes to play the thousands of added video games.  Just Awesome.  

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