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Star Wars Flight Deck


What an analog flight stick! Great for Star Wars, Paperboy, Spy Hunter, etc. Preconfigured with your new system!


GRS Flight Yoke: The Modern Rendition of a Retro Legend


The world was swept off its feet the moment Atari released its newly designed Star Wars controller in 1983. The futuristic flight yoke controller was an instant hit and used for many other Atari games, including Return of the Jedi, Firefox, and Hydra. The GRS Flight Yoke is the upgraded remake of one of the most loved classic gaming controllers ever.


Though identical in design, the GRS Flight Yoke is lightyears ahead with regard to technology, offering you a 20th-century legend with a 21st-century upgrade.


A True Design Upgrade


The GRS Flight Yoke Simulator works on 2 major flaws of the classic Star Wars Yoke-the plastic buttons and the lack of precision. The rugged anodized aluminium construction delivers shatter-proof durability for the most demanding gamers while the maximum precision, physical inertia centering mechanism, and the use of magnetic sensing technology ensure accuracy comparable to the best controllers of today. 


  • Less re-calibration needed
  • Non-slip hardened plastic handles
  • Potentiometer signal output
  • Non-contact mechanical structure
  • Standard USB interface
  • Arcade quality replacement for A1U
  • Supports plenty of new games


More than just a Flight Yoke Controller


The GRS Flight Yoke features 2 buttons,2 triggers, and 2 functional buttons that are all recognized as independent gamepad controller buttons. This allows you to use the yoke as a mouse for games that require the use of a mouse.

The addition of vertical direction reverse switching allows you to instantly switch the direction of pitch even on games that disallow the change of direction.


Ultimate GRS Compatibility


The GRS Flight Yoke Simulator lets you use it not just on the original arcade cabinets, arcade 1up, or your standard mudded arcade, but also on your PC, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi-supported devices and any emulation platform that supports joystick or mouse with functional buttons. Just plug in the USB port of your device and let the gaming begin! 

Star Wars Flight Deck

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