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USB Arcade Light Gun with RECOIL and line-of-sight aiming. Whenbought with a machine it comes installed for you!

  • 36v 3a power supply required for recoil feature Included
  • Black gun with sensor bar and instruction booklet
  • Emulates a USB mouse and game controller, with no drivers required.
  • Compatible with MS Windows, and Playstation 2 and 3
  • Works with all monitors including CRT, LCD, Plasma
  • Accurate aim (after calibration) for games which do not have on-screen cross-hairs.
  • Up to 4 guns can be used together

Recoil Feature:

  • The recoil feature needs a 36 volt power supply from 2-3 amps or 24v from 3-4 amps.
  • Do NOT use more amps than listed, as that will overload the recoil solenoid


Box Contains:

  • Complete gun with 2 buttons.
  • 4 meter USB/Power combo cable
  • LED sensor bar for mounting on top of monitor.
  • Instruction booklet

Docs & Tips:

2 Light Guns w/ 2 Game buttons: with Recoil

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