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Flight Stick


Enhances arcade games that used analog sticks and enables playing games like Tron, which would otherwise require game controllers (or three hands). 😊


Preinstalled and preconfigured. Works with all MAME arcade games that use joysticks, whether analog or digital. Can be used with some console games as well, with minor configuration. Easy to follow instructions are included, or just ask and we will help! 😉


A great upgrade, which adds significant value to your new system and not too difficult to DiY. Definitely add this one to the cart! 👍


From the manufacturer:


The Most Advanced Arcade Joystick Ever Made!


The UltraStik Is based around a true analog "engine" using advanced sensing technology which uses no contacts nor switches.It can be used in many modes, ranging from simply replacing a micro-switch stick to a full analog flight stick with user-defined analog/digital mapping. It has a built-in 8-button interface.

Flight Stick

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