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Golden Tee Go PGA w/ Pedestal


This pedestal is designed for placing the Golden Tee GO PGA Tour Edition game in. It also provides table space for food or drink while playing your favorite course.


Comes with 2 usb ports, one on each side and one on the bottom back of the machine.  Charge your phone while you play! Requires USB hub. See Accessories.


It is also 2-3 times stronger and more durable than the original GT pedestal. Less exensive too!


You can easily remove your Golden Tee GO PGA Tour Edition game whenever needed. Take it to another room or on the road!




  • Dimensions:
  • Stand only: 47.25" W x 29.5" D x 36.25" H,
  • With Golden Tee Go on top: 43.25" T
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Controller platform sits 36" off the floor.  Perfect for GT Golf!

Golden Tee Go PGA Tour w/ Pedestal

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