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Pixelcade LED Marquee

Pixelcade LED Marquee


An outstanding addition to any game! 


When first powered up, the Pixelcade displays a scrolling image of arcade game marquees.


When you browse and play games it displays the system and then the game marquee, animated when available. Comes with thousands of animations for both arcade and console systems and games and it is very easy to add more (e.g. from Pixelcade's community forums).


For example, when playing Moon Patrol, the marquee will display the Moon Patrol marquee animation. Some titles support multiple animations, displaying one chosen at random. Must be seen to be believed!


You can also activate the sports ticker whenever you would like to get up to date sports information right from your game.


Install Videos


Video #1

Video #2

Pixelcade LED Marquee

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