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Upgrade Your New Machine to a 16TB game drive!


  • This replaces the 12TB drive in the game, adding plenty of room to add more games and future  software upgrades.
  • Includes HyperSpin and RetroFe with hundreds of game systems ready to play
  • Complete Game Packs, Video Previews and Artwork
  • Featuring the latest emulators, ROM sets and themes
  • Recent additions include House of the Dead 4Aliens Extermination, Time Crisis 5 and Batman for TeknoParrot Arcade
  • Game menus can be sorted by category or system.
  • Working emulators and games for every system already configured
  • Pre-configured controls for xbox pc based gamepads, iPAC control pandels, boards and AimTrak Light Guns
  • All controls for the emulators and menus are pre-configured


16TB Game Drive Upgrade

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