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43" 4K 4-Player Upright Arcade Game


This machine is a PC-based upright arcade game and entertainment system with  your choice beautiful artwork.


It's a 43" Alexa-enabled smart HDTV, jukebox, karaoke machine and arcade game, all in one, featuring a veritable history of video games with 31k+ arcade, console, computer and virtual pinball games.


Very easy to use - all games are ready to play with beautifully animated menus, organized, indexed and categorized to quickly find and catalog your favorites! 🔎💕


It's virtually endless fun for all ages. Great for competition between friends and couples.


No Internet connection required!


Order Now!


If nearby, come see this amazing machine for yourself. Call Mike at 513-868-0713 for an appointment!




  • 31K+ games - ready to play! Carefully curated, without duplicates, hacks, bootlegs, etc.
  • Amazing animated HyperSpin menu system with an alternate RetroFE system as a bonus!
  • 🆕 Revolutionary and exclusive HyperShell™ system fully integrates HyperSpin content with Windows!
  • Optionally, install Steam to top it all off with the latest PC games!




  • 43" LED Smart HDTV Screen with beautiful color - Alexa-enabled for voice commands
  • Connect an additional HDMI monitor for spectators or external marquee/pinball backglass
  • (8) pro arcade LED lighted buttons for players 1 & 2 (6 for players 3 & 4)
  • 3" pro trackball for golfing games and others like Centipede, Missile Command, etc.
  • Pro spinner for games like Tron, Tempest, Brick Break, etc.
  • (4) 8-way pro gaming joysticks - head to head play
  • Connect a full-size keyboard and mouse for full PC functionality!  âŒ¨ðŸ–±ï¸
  • 600W RMS bass thumping sound system - microphone & headphone capable 🎤🎧
  • Windows 10 Pro PC System with Bluetooth, WiFi, ICore 5/Rysen 5
  • GeForce GTX 1050 graphics for major modern gaming!
  • 128GB Windows Drive + 12TB game HD


3-year parts warranty




With control panel: 47.25" W x 30.5" D x 69.5" H

Without control panel: 41.75" W x 22.25" D x 69.5" H

Weight: 350 lbs

Controller platform sits 37¼" off the floor.


Customize your machine with optional accessories:


43" 4K 4-Player Upright Arcade Game (Choice of Artwork)

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